John G V

Managing Director

Mr. John G V is an inspiring and dynamic healthcare professional who has nearly two decades of experience in finance and administration to his credit, with Masters in “Hospital Administration” and “Finance”. Having begun his career in India, Mr. John moved to the UAE and has spent over 19 years in private and public hospitals in the UAE.

Mr. John is an excellent management professional with several outstanding achievements to his credit. His expertise and quick thinking contribute actively to effective strategy planning, rapid decision-making and result-oriented project implementation within the organization. His expertise in hospital finance and accounts includes project appraisals, budgeting, budgetary controls, and cost analysis.

Mr. John’s strategic planning contributes actively towards the effective management of hospital finance, Operations Management, Revenue cycle management, Medical insurance, Procurement and inventory management, Human Resources Management, etc.

His outgoing personality and intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry has not only led to Mr. John handling marketing and business development functions in the UAE but also in promoting hospital facilities in international markets. Wherever he is, he is known to hold the market close to his chest, the organization.
His inspiring approach, novel methodologies and out-of-the-box strategies in Business Development and Hospital Finance have led to the creation of many path-breaking management tools that help deliver cost- effective healthcare services without compromising on the quality of service and healthcare.

Mr. John was on the six-member management team that set up the largest and most reputed private hospital in the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi. Being the youngest management member of the team, his immense contribution towards strategic planning, commissioning of the new hospital and clinics, formation of policies and procedures for the hospital as a whole, were recognized and rewarded by the organization. After 6 years of service in Abu Dhabi, he then headed the Finance of Arabian Healthcare Group, the healthcare wing of Govt. of Ras Al Khaimah for 10 years and also was a Board of Director in Star Metropolis, a global diagnostic division, and a subsidiary of Arabian Healthcare Group.

His quick thinking skills and speedy decision-making helps healthcare facilities to effectively operate and tap potential opportunities in various fields.

Mr. John’s vast experience in healthcare and his excellent rapport with insurance companies and corporate clients has worked in organizations favor wherever he was. This helps to gain access to and interact easily with a large number of professionals who hold high positions in important organizations easy, thus adding to his influence.

The consummate ease with which Mr. John conducts his duties makes it seem like his Controlling of Business Development, Operations and Finance Management positions within the organizations are his natural domain. Within it, he combines his business acumen with his finely-honed financial expertise to drive the business forward, most often succeeding in turnaround situations with the panache and aplomb of a habitual winner.

Mr. John envisioned the market potential for an end-to-end Healthcare IT solution for the UAE and Middle East, as every healthcare provider was suffering with various modules of healthcare IT that would not talk to each other and would not cope with the requirements of changing scenarios in healthcare. Thus, he put up a team of experts in 2015 to develop an end-to-end Healthcare IT Solution that seamlessly blends healthcare operations and financial outcomes, minimizing operational hiccups and maximizing patient care, resulting in profit maximization. This gave birth to FOTIS, a healthcare IT solution which is “Innovative Technology by Experience”.

In summary, Mr. John is a healthcare Financial & Operational professional with invaluable local and international experience in Operational Management, Financial Management, Business Development and Healthcare IT. His contributions help to provide a sustainable and wide operational, financial and commercial support to the organization he is associated with.