Mohammad Navas

Senior Consultant

Mr. Mohammad Navas is an IT technology professional with experience of managing enterprise implementations of ERP and Healthcare information system. Expert at gathering, analyzing and defining business and functional requirements; leading data-modeling and process-mapping initiatives; and designing/re-engineering processes, workflows and technology solutions for healthcare systems and networks.

Mr. Mohammad Navas has a consistent record of transporting best results driven work with a proven ability in implementing his work in an organized manner since 25+ years of his successful career. Implemented & streamlined HIS and ERP solutions for large healthcare groups and other Industry verticals. He is Demonstrated ability as Head of IT Organization/Project Manager/Implementation Manager/ Solution Delivery/ Pre Sales, Work experience of over 25+ years in IT industry across UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia , Qatar, IndiaEthiopia, Nigeria, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Mr. Mohammad Navas has Professional Approach to Work and ability to look at Bigger Picture. He has Excellent Management, PR Skills and Analytical Skills.

Mr. Mohammad Navas is a Proactive Communicator, effective Negotiator and Motivational Team Building Capabilities.

Mr. Mohammad Navas has Expert Level skills in Pre Sales, Operations, Onsite Management, and Technology consulting
and delivery management.

Mr. Mohammad Navas has Strong industry knowledge, Business leadership skills to consistently manage IT organizations and Aligning Team Goals with Organization’s Strategic Goals.

Mr. Mohammad Navas has Excellence in building Project Estimation, Project Costing, Budgeting, and Optimization of Resources.