Data Acquisition

FOTIS-HIS can bring together all the data stored within the organization, whether it is structured or unstructured, very rapidly and with little or no impact on the existing systems. Data streams enter FOTIS-HIS through the Interface Subsystem. Data can be captured in any format at ease.

Every message received by FOTIS-HIS is stored in the Message Queue. Importantly, FOTIS-HIS can reparse the messages from the historical archive at any time. By reparsing just certain years, FOTIS-HIS allows the clock to be rolled back recreating all or portions of the data core as needed.

The parsers break messages into individual data elements which are stored in the Data Core. Programmers can call any internal or external application or algorithm to transform incoming data. Data transformation is used for accomplishing such tasks as: creating and storing a master patient identifier; utilizing street addresses to derive latitude and longitude to be stored in the database for geospatial mapping; creating usable de-identified data fields.

The high level of parallelism in the architecture of the FOTIS-HIS Data Acquisition Subsystem allows the system to scale by adding additional queues without compromising the performance of the entire application. Similarly, the different components maintain a high degree of isolation to minimize interdependencies, thus lowering the cost of change.