Healthcare Information System

Researchers need access to data that is often impounded in original or inheritance of information systems.

FOTIS-HIS can “liberate” captive data, providing researchers the initial step to extracting insights through clinical analysis. Furthermore, FOTIS-HIS makes it simple to identify and track patients who may be seeing multiple clinicians and to monitor for specific trends across larger patient populations. To support the iterative and investigative aspects of clinical research, clinicians can build and modify their own queries according to their comfort zone, without having to make special requests through the IT department or outside vendor, as is commonly found with many of other systems.

Data can be queried in real-time by any member of a research team with easy access. Once created, queries can be reused and enhanced. For example, queries can be used to identify specific patient groups or to generate forms required for a study. As needs arise, FOTIS-HIS queries can also be modified according to the convenience to improve the flexibility of data gathering. Processes of testing a proposition on existing data that used to take months can now be done in a few minutes.