Healthcare Information System

Most of the financial decisions can have a direct impact on quality, and the way that patient care is delivered can have huge financial implications. For example, extra care and resources such as involving more specialists not only imply additional cost for the organization, but may not necessarily bring enhanced outcomes. The appropriate care at the right time for the needy patient is a fine equilibrium that healthcare service providers need to establish. With the rising trend toward high-quality but cost-effective care, clinical, operational, and finance functions increasingly will become complicatedly tied together, creating a pressing need for effective use of data available on all integrated systems.

FOTIS-HIS allows administrators to bring together data from various systems and run what-if scenarios to uncover issues that may be creating a negative impact on your organization’s bottom line. And since FOTIS-HIS may further expand the life of your legacy systems by making your data accessible and usable, you have the potential to achieve a better return on your healthcare technology investment.