Data Storage& Access

FOTIS-HIS store information in the Data Core into a structure that is easy for healthcare IT administrators to interpret, audit, and use.

The Performance Core organizes the information in a way that is optimized for speed and to fit any needed use such as clinical research, business intelligence or clinical data repository. This is where FOTIS-HIS gets it discernible speed and flexibility. Because the historical archive stores messages forever, messages can be reparsed at any time to accomplish such things as: extracting additional information from previously received data; restructuring the way information is stored in the Data Core for a different need or application; or to tweak and optimize the speed at which the data can be retrieved from storage. Importantly, any piece of information stored in the Data Core can be assembled to create a table that is exactly formatted to suit the needs of an external application.

Finally, FOTIS-HIS allows users, depending on their role and access privileges, to view in real-time the data stored in the system through the powerful and intuitive Client— from the most high-level view to the details of the machine that acquired a specific CT scan. The powerful FOTIS-HIS client allows users to interactively explore the information and aggregate it on the fly without requiring assistance from the IT staff. Users can see all of the data in logical cohorts, customized to suit their particular workflow.

The unprecedented access to the Data Core and Performance Core that FOTIS-HIS offers enables external applications to access tables and views that have been optimized to match the required data model and performance characteristics. Optimization of the data structure for external applications is one important way in which FOTIS-HIS can make available enterprise data for systems owned today and those purchased tomorrow.