Revenue Cycle Management

The major benefits of RCM include Benefits in terms of Patient Care, Revenue Maximization and Operational Efficiency as detailed below:

Patient Care:

  • Systematic review of efficient patient management
  • Compliance with International accreditation standards of documentation
  • Tracking of patient journey from the time of booking appointment until discharge
  • Resulting in optimum patient care and patient satisfaction

Revenue Maximization:

  • The healthcare providers can maximize revenue with the clear picture of covered and non-covered services, enabling the physician to maximize the service offering
  • Automation of coding guidance to physicians to minimize selection of non-covered services
  • Automation to avoid revenue leakage at the time of provision of services and not at the time of batching of claims
  • Rejection trend analysis to illuminate the physicians with services that are usually denied by the payer
  • Multiple level audits to batch all claims for all services ordered, services billed and services provided

Finance & Back Office Automation:

  • Auto posting of all billings in the finance books of accounts
  • Auto allocation of all Receipt Advices service-wise in the books of accounts
  • Customizable dashboards to monitor status of all claims with payers
  • Department-wise and physician-wise performance analysis
  • Data analysis guiding in process improvement steps for management
Revenue Cycle Management