Revenue Cycle Management

More than often the health care experience for patients is confusing and complex as layman.Patients face challenge in scheduling appointments based on the eligibility of cover.

Fotis solution simplifies and reinvents the patient experience, while improving business outcomes.

With the combination of expertise and technology, Fotis empowers the healthcare provider to guide on eligibility and pre-register patient from anywhere, real time financial counseling, educate and guide patients to understand their financial responsibility, explore payment or coverage options, and collect payment.

Our modern digital self-service platform allows patients to:

Manage their data in one easy-to-use environment, from appointment to appointment across the integrated health system.
Securely retain and access demographic, insurance, and other relevant information.

Comprehensive, robust revenue cycle rules inform our solution to ensure:

  • Eligibility validation and insurance plan attribution
  • Demographic accuracy
  • Authorization & referral requirements identified well in advance of service
  • Medical necessity validation
  • Patient out-of-pocket cost estimation based on contract modeling software
Revenue Cycle Management