HR & Payroll

FOTIS offers complete HR cycle from Position Requirement, Position definition, Recruitment and Placement. The system also offers recruitment management cycle, induction procedures and employee training.

FOTIS Payroll goes beyond the core payroll activity of administrating employee salaries in the organizations. The Payroll master is seamless with the HIS and Finance module. Appointment slots of doctors are real time with attendance and leave approvals are coordinated with resource management.

Key Features

  • Extensive Master Configuration settings.
  • Scalable and Multi-tier architecture.
  • User defined system wide alerts.
  • Email configuration for alerts and SMS interface.
  • Live financial data reports and analysis
  • No question of interface with any system as every functional module is in the same platform
  • Cost Center-wise Budgeting and Budget Analysis.
  • Recruitment Management System.
  • Attendance and Leave Tracking. Various approval levels for leave approvals.
  • Compensation and Payroll Management. Alerts any unusual transactions.
  • Documentation updates and tracking – Tracks expiry of all mandatory documents, Visa, Passport, Licenses of Doctors, Nurses and Technicians.
  • 15 Strategic Parameters for Employee Performance Evaluation.
  • Shift Management and Roster scheduling.
  • Auto update of Attendance Time Sheet.
  • Integration with Time Attendance System (Biometric, Card Swipe, punch card etc).
  • Department-wise Payroll Budgeting.
  • Multicurrency.
  • Cost Center-wise, Branch-wise, Location-wise and Group-wise processing.