FOTIS Payroll goes one step ahead of the core payroll activity of administrating employees salaries in the organizations and includes vital functionality such as attendance management, comprehensive leave management, gratuity booking, leave salary process, air ticket eligibility and booking, employee bonus directly linked with performance appraisal, end of service benefits and employee final settlement as per labor law of the country. All this is with seamless live time flow to Financial System.

FOTIS Payroll offers a 360° Payroll Plus approach that enables capability to automate employees’ comprehensive advance management, employees loan management, based on pre-established approval criteria and organizational objectives.

FOTIS Payroll offers visually appealing apps that deliver the desired functionality with the ability to apply for leaves, loan request, and send employee travel plans for line managers with the ability to authorize, with a real-time access from anywhere.

Attendance Management

FOTIS Attendance Management Module provides an easy way to keep track of attendance for all employees with a facility to view all the leave balances for each employee and helps to generate monthly attendance for all the employees at one shot or process it employee by employee. Monthly accruals for leave balance is done automatically by the system as per rules defined in the employee master.

Overtime management rules are set as per management protocols and the module individually analyses and sends control alerts to assigned users. It helps the HR department to monitor leave records, and all relevant information including manpower analysis, overtime analysis, variable transaction analysis, increment analysis etc with regard to the payroll system.

Process attendance 

  • Option to process monthly attendance for all the employees at one shot, department by department or employee by employee.
  • Option to view all current and up to date leave balances for each employee.
  • Automated Overtime Upload with approval process set by management.
  • Option to modify loan / advance deduction in the payroll with approval levels.
  • Configuration of Leave Frequency based on organizational rules in the leave master
  • Option to integrate various attendance machines. Validate and process the same for daily or monthly attendance.

Shift Management

Shift Management and Roster scheduling includes:

  • Options to define and manage multiple duty Shifts and maintain Employee Shift information.
  • User definable holidays and weekly-off Master to manage public holidays list, weekend policy and shift weekly offs are defined and managed

Loan management

FOTIS’ pay roll module has a comprehensive loan module to manage all aspects of loans granted to employees with facility to create any number of loan types like housing loans, furniture loans, car loans salary advance etc, with loan deduction options, moratorium period, installment amounts/ numbers. System automatically deducts the loan installments in the monthly payroll as per the set conditions of loan and keeps record of all outstanding at any given point in time.

Loan Application

  • Employee can apply loan online with allocated username and password giving reasons for the loan
  • Status of approval can be monitored by the employee based on approving authorizes
  • Several levels of approvals can be set – Approval by department head, approval by HR manager, Approval by Finance Manager and final approval by the Chief Executive Officer.

Salary management

FOTIS’ Payroll process consists of calculation of salaries based on contractual agreement and variable transactions with regard to overtime, other allowances, reimbursements, deduction with regard to absenteeism, deductions for loans and advances, and pay cycle completion. The system has a pay cycle process, a verification and approval process and an authentication process. On final authentication, the salary is processed and sent to the bank as bank transfer or cheque payments or cash payments as would be set in the Payroll Master.

On completion of the payroll process (final authentication), system automatically generates the provisional entries for Leave Salaries, Gratuity and Airfare as per rules defined in the system for the same.

Employee payments

  • System of totally WPS compliant.
  • For all other payments like End of Service Benefits, system automatically calculates the amounts based on conditions of the contract (Resignation, Termination, Contract Completion), taking the provisions made until date for leave salaries, air tickets, gratuity and adding notice pay (payable & receivable) as per terms of contract completion. System recognizes the calculation of End of Service and transfers the employee to inactive mode from the last working day.