Performance managements

FOTIS’ Performance Evaluation System offers 15 criteria for performance evaluation of all employees. These 15 criteria can be management definable as per each of the department and their responsibilities. Weightage is defined against each of the criteria and a total value is arrived against a benchmark value for performances from a scale of one to ten. Total amount set for increment in a particular year is taken and distributed to the employees based on score achieved by each of the employees in the performance evaluation module. System also alerts as to employees who are drawing more salaries or less salaries when compared to the equivalent salary they should draw as per score achieved in the performance evaluation module.

Fotis’ Performance Evaluation Module could function as a compensation assessment tool when selecting an employee and can be used as compensation enhancement tool during the period of service, identifying training needs based on the criteria evaluated and scores allotted. The module offers the following:

  • Options to configure general evaluation and personal objective evaluation.
  • Options for multiple evaluations based on performance outcomes of employees and automatic consolidation.
  • Auto allotment of increments based on achieved score and based on total amount available in the organization for employee increments.
  • Options to identify training needs where the score achieved is not satisfactory