The Pharmacy Inventory System is similar to the Inventory Module in terms of purchase, LPO analysis, stocking, item movements, expiry items and re-order levels. The Pharmacy Module has a comprehensive drug database with drug – drug interactions, ordering, dispensing and stock control functions of the pharmacy. Similar to inventory module, the Pharmacy module manages inventory of drugs and other pharmacy items cost centre-wise and location-wise throughout the healthcare group. The procurement system is dynamically linked with the usage levels and reorder levels, guiding the central purchase manager to intelligently purchase items as per usage pattern.

The pharmacy module has a unified drug information system and the ordering physician can either order by generics or by brand, maintaining a centralized drug information system with complete drug formulary. The availability of the items ordered are brought to the knowledge of the ordering physician at the time of drug order so that options can be chosen for non-available items. Also, the ordering physician can instruct the purchase department for stocking important items if they are not available in the stores.

Billing is automated with the drug orders of the physicians as per brands chosen either by the physician or by the dispensing pharmacist. System alerts issue of earlier batches and near to expiry first, if item chosen to be issued are having batches and expiries later than that of the one in stock.