Recruitment Management

In order to move application to the interview step based on various criteria they need to be screened, reviewed and selected or rejected, screening to identify the best-fit candidates and short listing them is important to focus on the right people for the position, using the talent matching feature you can automatically finds applicants from your application databank that fit the position.

A dashboard showing the status of the recruitment as to the number of applications received, candidates shortlisted, candidates selected for interview, candidates interviewed, candidates rejected, candidates pending for final offer, candidates approved for recruitment are configured and the same are attached to enable scoring questions using multiple templates to evaluate the level of skills & experience for a candidate which automates the screening and selection process. Key Features include Interview Panel, Schedule Management, Application Screening & Short-listing and Interview Evaluation Desktop.

The system provides tools that can be used to screen, evaluate, compare, rank or score applicants ensuring that when evaluating the applicants criteria used is in accordance with the parameters defined in the position definition such as educational level, field(s) of study, years of experience and/or additional mandatory licenses or credentials.

Position Request, Budget and Control

Position request rule is made possible through this module for opening new and replacement positions creating a comprehensive and accurate vacancy framework and allows recruiters to input appointment type, primary skill, grade, security, gender, experience, age and license requirements if any of the position.

Additional information relevant to position can be loaded through well-defined template that captures secondary skills, education, languages, justification and responsibility.

The position desktop allows recruiters to identify the right candidates, view vital information such as positions budgeted, new vacancies, replacement vacancies and occupied positions at the organizational level with a drill down to departments, sub departments to the employees in occupied positions.